Meet the Sini-Vision Quick-Base Universal QBU-02 for the Manfrotto Fig Rig.

MSRP - $229.00

"Fig Rig and tripod not included"

Currently out of production.

Available at the following dealers and our list keeps growing.

B&H     Cinequip    Samy's Camera      Mole-Richardson     EVS

Abel CineTech     Boston Camera     NLE Systems

DV Magazine rated The Quick-Base higher then
the Fig Rig giving us 3 out of 5 stars! Wow....

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The Quick-Base Universal QBU-02 is the only complete solution and docking station for the Manfrotto Fig Rig. The Sini-Vision Quick-Base Universal QBU-02 is a brilliant solution that takes the Manfrotto Fig Rig to new levels of shooting. The tripod-mountable QBU-02 is the ideal docking station for the Fig Rig, allowing the camera operator to load the Fig Rig with a camera and accessories as well as pan and tilt capabilities while mounted on the fluid head.

For the first time, the Fig Rig can be removed from the tripod while still shooting, thanks to the QBU-02's universal mount. Located on the bottom center of the Quick-Base, the Universal mount will couple to a Manfrotto 1/4"-20 or 3/8"-16 mounts. The QBU-02 allows for great flexibility in shooting and can also be used on a flat surface, baby stand, C-stand or any light stand.

  1. New and improved features include
  2. Universal tripod mount
  3. Single Velcro strap
  4. 4 re-enforced rubber bumpers
  5. Cross bar and cradle assemble more centrally located for balance
Why use the Quick-Base Universal? Watch the video.

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