Welcome to the Sinivideo Studio. Here we provide video services from standard defintiion or HDV production and editing, VHS, film and Hi-8 restoration as well as DVD conversions. We can digitally restore film and video media and convert to DVD producing rich DVD's which are packaged like those produced from the big Hollywood studios at a fraction of the price. We have over 20 years editing experience with CNN, STARZ Hollywood Reporter , FJ Productions, TVP Studios, Craig Studio and many more...

We can edit your videos as well as photos and produce great video slide show as well!

Our Sound Stage and Production Facility.


Seemless Blue-Green Soundstage

RATES  We offer a discount for large jobs.

  - Shooting (Video Taping)
 - Post Production (Video Editing)

Restore and Repair


   VHS, film and Hi-8 video deteriorates in time. Each time you play the tape, a layer of emulsion is removed from the tape results in worse looking footage each time you look at the footage. Our process fixes this and corrects color from old VHS or Hi-8 footage.


Depending on the condition and quality of your footage, we can give you surprising results, often much better quality then the original. We are often asked to re-edit DVD's from footage that was previously edited or to add more footage to the DVD. We provide straight conversion to DVD as well as custom DVD editing and authoring.

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For Multi-Media, Video & Editing Services,
please contact us via email at: info@sinivision.com

Or call: Joe Sinicropi at 818.726.0494